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How to Measure Social ROI: Back to the Basics (Customer Exclusive) [Webinar]

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Can’t live with it, can’t live without it…that’s how most marketers feel about social ROI. In the second installment of our Customer Webinar series, we will be diving into the topic that social marketers obsess over. More than half of you listed this as your biggest challenge in a recent customer survey. 

The good news is, your relationship with social ROI does not have to be complicated. In this webinar, we’ll take you back to basics and break down social ROI based on common business goals.

Join our resident ROI experts, Lucy Hitz from the Lifecycle Marketing team and Tazi Flory from the Customer Success team, as they cover:

  • The basics of social ROI
  • How to customize ROI for your organization or client
  • Best practices for tracking social ROI from Sprout’s very own customers  
  • How to use Sprout Social for optimal social reporting 

This webinar will show you how to unearth the right KPI’s for your business, set actionable goals…and dive deep into real talk about the challenges of measuring ROI on social.


Lucy Hitz

Lucy Hitz

Customer Marketing Manager Sprout Social

Lucy Hitz leads customer marketing for growth and retention at Sprout, where she is dedicated to giving customers the best possible Sprout experience, education, and opportunities for business and career growth. At the heart of her work is this question: how can we help Sprout customers fulfill their maximum potential as marketers both in and outside of the Sprout product? Previously, Lucy worked at Simply Measured, leading the marketing team and building Simply’s content marketing engine for data-driven social marketers. In her spare time, Lucy is a certified yoga instructor and loves to write for her blog and tiny letter. @LLHitz

Tazi Flory

Tazi Flory

Product Marketing Strategist Sprout Social

Tazi is the product marketing strategist at Sprout, based in the Seattle office. Tazi spends her time boxing, reading fantasy and adventure books, and passionately arguing that pie is better than cake. She loves social (duh) and spends too much of her time looking at Instagram stories. @tazi_flory