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Building Data-Powered Social Strategies: Insights from Hollister, Affirm, and Consultant, Jazmin Griffith

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Session time: 1 hour

Social media professionals are at their max capacity. As roles and responsibilities only continue to expand, how can social data help you streamline your efforts?

Customer sentiment, brand perception and cultural trends can change in minutes. Yet, getting the most value from social business intelligence requires the ability to access and take action quickly. From understanding the pulse of social trends to fine-tuning your customer care strategy, or informing your go-to-market plans, social data should be leveraged in all parts of your business.

Check out our panel discussion with Alex Lewis, Sr. Social Strategist at Hollister & Gilly Hicks, Deandre Moore, Social & Brand Marketing Lead at Affirm, and Jazmin Griffith, Social Intelligence Consultant. We’ll discuss why social data is the missing link for brands to best connect with their audiences. Plus, Corporate Erin stops by!

You’ll walk away from this event with:

  • Key takeaways from new research on social media marketer productivity
  • Reasons why your brand should embrace social listening
  • Examples of how brands leverage social data to inform social and business strategy

Your Speakers:


Alex leads TikTok strategy for Hollister & Gilly Hicks at Abercrombie & Fitch. Since stepping into this role in April 2023, Alex has worked with his team to help drive over 55K new followers to Hollister’s TikTok. Outside of work, Alex writes personal essays on his Substack newsletter, Feels Like Home. He also hosts monthly Shut Up & Write events.

Deandre Moore

Deandre Moore


Deandre is the Social & Brand Marketing Lead at Affirm, a financial technology company within the buy now, pay later space. When he’s not strategizing his next organic social campaign, he can be found listening to the same songs on repeat, binging reality tv, traveling with friends, or eating through the city on his food blog TasteBuddyEats.

Erin Throlopolis

Erin Throlopolis


Erin Throlopolis is the Manager of Managerial Logistics of Management at McManagement. Wholly devoted to circling back, following up and closing the loop, Erin aka Corporate Erin leads a massive online following through the tumultuous trails of worklife by scheduling surprise all hands meetings and by inviting the world to witness her pivotal 1:1’s. She lives in a very rich part of Chicago with her husband, Jared, and two daughters and three dogs Fluffy, Stuffy, and Duffy. While she has worked in various roles in management for 14 years, she is most known for taking over social media responsibilities for Lisa Beasley, who is single, has one daughter and works as an entrepreneur and actor for a living.

Jazmin Griffith

Jazmin Griffith

Jazmin Griffith is a multi-hyphenate creative. She is a Freelance Social Listening Manager working with brands like PepsiCo and Delta Airlines, owns her social agency called QueLoQue, and is the creative force behind @iamthesocialista on TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn generated over 1M+ views. When not immersed in the social realm, she globe-trots and fuels her passion for fitness, always gearing up for the next 5K adventure.

Sarah Corley

Sarah Corley

Sprout Social

Sarah Corley is a Marketing Campaign Strategist at Sprout Social. When she isn’t rocking the marketing world you’ll find her A) cooking/baking up a storm, B) with her nose in a book, C) wine tasting, D) playing piano or E) all of the above. Sarah’s claim to fame is setting a Guinness World Record when she worked for Nestle Toll House. @srcorley

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