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A/B Testing Webinar: You Might Just Be Doing it Wrong


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Webinar Details

Beyond Click Conversions – KISSmetrics’ Director of Marketing Tomasz will cover why it’s so crucial to have a pulse on the entire funnel when A/B Testing. Tomasz will be showing an actual test he ran for this specific demo, showcasing the results from trial conversions, down to those signups that have interacted with the app, to those leads that converted.

What you’ll learn:

  • The influence social traffic has in the funnel
  • The optimum strategies for A/B testing
  • How we A/B Test at KISSmetrics
  • A/B Testing beyond click conversions – having a pulse on the entire funnel and why’s its important

The Presenters

Nate Turner

Online Marketing Director
Sprout Social

Nate leads the acquisition marketing team at Sprout Social, a social media management and engagement platform for business. When he’s not finding new ways to scale growth, he enjoys woodworking, watching Alaska TV shows and spending time with his family. Find him on Twitter @npturner

Tomasz Borys

Director of Marketing

Tomasz leads the marketing team at KISSmetrics, a digital analytics and engagement solution for marketers. Away from work, you can find him dipping his feet in the river while fishing, injuring his thumb while gaming, and hacking away at a golf club. He's just jumpstarting his Twitter account after being away for several years, but you can find him at @tbcali