Social Media Success Stories

Welcome to Sprout’s Social Spotlight, where each week we’re diving deep into what we love about a brand’s approach to a specific social campaign. From strategy through execution and results, we’ll examine what makes the best brands on social tick — and leave you with some key takeaways to consider for your own brand’s social strategy.



Marshalls' #MarshallsSurprise

It could easily be argued that e-commerce has taken a lot of the fun out of shopping. In this Social Spotlight, we take a look at how discount retailer Marshalls is reviving the feeling of running across a surprise find in a physical store for the social era and turning a potential brand negative into a powerful brand asset.

Netflix uses social to create a brand experience

The same savvy that’s served Netflix well on the product side extends to marketing, especially social. There the brand has leaned hard into a “fan’s fan” persona by hiring movie and TV buffs to man its accounts. The resulting brand voice is approachable, clever without trying and authentic to the reason Netflix is beloved in the first place: people love to talk about what they’re watching.

Air Jordan or A/R Jordan

How do you make a living legend come to life for an audience too young to remember what made him legendary? If you’re Jordan Brand, you augment the present with one of the most extraordinary moments from the past. Meet A/R Jordan.

A lesson in social storytelling from The New York Times

The New York Times adjusted to the demands of social storytelling by identifying the disconnects between their distribution model and the expectations of a digitally engaged audience. The Gray Lady has come into her own in part by redefining the role of social media in compelling and accessible journalism.

How GoPro fuels brand loyalty with UGC

Few brands have as successfully embraced UGC as GoPro, and with good reason; when your product makes great images and video possible for your consumers, showing is better than telling. Making it easy for fans to share (and be rewarded for sharing) via social has been key to expanding the brand’s reach and generating loyalty.

#FreshXIngridNilsen: A social influencer success story

Getting influencer marketing right can be tricky. Finding an influencer your audience will identify with, find aspirational and take at face value – all at the right, mutually-beneficial price – is a challenging process without a guarantee. Fresh Beauty is one brand that got it right when it partnered with beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen to create an authentic, relevant connection between the brand and its target audience.

Everlane and the Impact of Zero Impact

More than ever, consumers want to put their money where their values are, but social media is riddled with brands that have attempted purpose-driven marketing and failed due to presenting only a surface-level PR commitment that rings hollow. But when a brand builds purpose into the very fiber of its business, the marketing is the easy part. Take fashion brand Everlane, which uses social not for flashy content meant solely to sell, but for deep and authentic storytelling about the purpose-driven business it’s built.

How the ASPCA uses social to inspire action

We all know social is a powerful platform for great storytelling, but the real secret sauce is when that great storytelling is paired with the immediate connection social offers. This is especially true for nonprofits like the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the ASPCA, which uses social to tie the stories of the animals it helps (and the humans who love them) to actions of support: donations, adoptions, lobbying and awareness.

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