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Social Listening for Org-wide Success: A Cheat Sheet

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Think social listening only applies to marketing campaign management? Think again. Social listening lets you tap into the unfiltered thoughts of the largest focus group in the world to gather candid opinions about your brand, its products and services, and the general sentiment each inspires in real people. The data and insights you take away from that exercise can be monumentalnot just for marketing, but for your entire business. 

As a social media manager, it’s important not to develop marketing tunnel vision. Use this worksheet to broaden the reach of your listening efforts and create a strategy that considers the goals and challenges of multiple departments in your organization—empowering you to use social data to move your business forward.

Download this worksheet to learn how to:

  • Set expectations and identify listening goals
  • Form relationships between your social team and departments across your business
  • Build your org-wide listening strategy
  • And more!

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