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When to Create Separate Social Media Accounts for your Multilocation Business [Free Worksheet]

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For businesses with multiple locations, having a localized social strategy is key for growing overall brand awareness and increasing their share of voice in a competitive landscape. By creating content that targets a specific group of consumers based on factors like location and language, brands can strengthen their community engagement and extend their overall reach.

Before creating a separate account for each of your multi-location businesses, it’s beneficial to think through how each profile might contribute to your overarching goals. To help you identify if there’s a need for your business to have location-specific accounts, you’ll work through questions like:

  • What makes each of your business locations unique?
  • How does location impact your social goals for each business?
  • How does your target audience differ from region to region?
  • What factors do you consider when speaking to your local market?

After completing this worksheet, you’ll receive a score with a clear recommendation of whether or not creating location-specific accounts is the next step in helping you achieve your goals for your multi-location business.

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