To unlock social success in 2022, marketers need content that resonates with their audience, coordinated campaigns that cut through the noise and customer care that builds trust. This toolkit will help you build your strategy around those three tenets.

1. [Guide] How To Make Better Business Decisions Using VoC Data

Creating deep, genuine connections with your target audience starts with understanding what makes them tick. Unlike other marketing channels, social media is a megaphone for the voice of the customer (VoC), revealing their wants, needs, values and beliefs. With this guide, marketers will learn how to harness VoC data to build more effective campaigns, gain a competitive edge and make better business decisions.

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2. [Report] The 2021 Content Benchmarks

Heading into 2022, the majority of marketers’ goals for social will remain laser-focused on increasing brand awareness and increasing community engagement. Achieving those goals starts with a strong social content strategy that speaks to consumers’ interests, needs and values.

The 2021 Content Benchmarks report takes a closer look at the data from the Sprout Social Index™, Edition XVII: Accelerate and breaks down what consumers look for in content, publishing and engagement benchmarks by industry, top content types published across social platforms and more.

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3. [Tool] Find the Ideal Social Media Content Mix for Your Brand

Much like a stock portfolio, social media content strategies should strike a mix that complements your goals, available resources and flexibility. This assessment tool will help marketers do just that. After answering a series of questions, you’ll come away with recommendations for how to allocate content themes, formats and creative assets in a way that hits the sweet spot for your brand.

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4. [Template] Prepare to Launch With a Social Media Campaign Brief

As you prepare to launch your social media campaigns in 2022, empower your team, stakeholders and partners with social media campaign briefs. With a singular source of truth to refer to, everyone involved in your campaigns can stay focused, efficient and aligned on what needs to be done.

Use this customizable social media campaign brief template to outline campaign details, creative directions, distribution plans and other important information.

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5. [Checklist] How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service on Instagram

According to consumers, providing strong customer service is the hallmark of best-in-class brands on social. Given that more than 150 million people have conversations with brands on Instagram every month, it’s a customer service channel that can’t be overlooked.

Use this checklist to build a plan for embracing two-way communication with your customers, resolving inquiries efficiently and anticipating their needs before they surface.

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