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An illustration of a file folder and a stack of papers being held together with a paper clip and clicked on by a computer mouse. The image is a nod to the free social media templates contained in this resource.

[Toolkit] 6 resources every social media manager needs in 2024

The stakes are high for social media teams. Maximize your social performance with actionable resources designed to help you work more efficiently, reorient around audience engagement and prove the value of social.

Develop and implement a dynamic social media strategy with these six annual planning resources.

For some of these assets, you’ll need to log in to your Google account to “Make a copy.”

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The cover of The Sprout Social Index™ report that features images of multiple people working on different tasks related to social media. The title page reads: The Sprout Social Index™ Edition XIX: Breakthrough.

Index of the Top Trends of 2023

Do you know what audiences expect from your brand on social media? Wondering how your team should be using emerging tech like AI? Do you wish you could bring the power of social data to your entire org? Dive into our flagship report for deeper insights into how marketers can deliver what consumers want—and what businesses need—in 2024.

Guide your team with insights
A preview of The Sprout Social Index™ companion presentation. The first slide of the presentation reads: Social at [company name].

Social Strategy Workshop Template for 2024

Looking for support leading conversations about ways you can advance your social customer care operations, expand your team and enable your entire company to use social insights? Use this customizable deck informed by data from the latest Sprout Social Index™ to communicate the opportunities social media offers your entire business, and rally your leaders around a shared understanding of social’s impact.

Find strategic opportunities
An illustration of a blank customer profile in a CRM system.

Customer Experience Audit Template

Do you know what your customers’ pain points are? Do your customer care response times meet industry benchmarks? Use this template to create a customer journey map that analyzes the effectiveness of your audience’s social interactions at every stage—from discovery to decision to retention. Take learnings from your audit to create a frictionless customer experience.

Improve your customer experience
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Masterclass: Prepare for the New Era in Social

Does your social content still resonate with audiences today? Is your brand optimizing for social engagement? In this on-demand masterclass, leading social media consultant Rachel Karten outlines specific tactics you can implement to meet the evolving expectations of your audience, and prepare your content for the next phase of social.

Elevate your 2024 content
An illustration of blank scorecard template.

Social Media Scorecard Templates

There’s an endless amount of social media data available today, and leadership teams are more eager than ever to use it to inform business decisions. But raw data and lengthy, stat-stuffed reports don’t tell a compelling story to executives. With these templates, you can share the metrics that matter with your C-suite on a regular basis, and keep executives informed of the impact of social media at your organization.

Build your scorecard
An image of the cover of the Social Media Management Buyer's Guide. The guide has a subtitle that reads: Choosing the right platform for maximum impact.

Social Media Management Buyer’s Guide

Succeeding in the next phase of social requires an intuitive platform to help you demonstrate impact on the bottom line, boost team efficiency, enable strategic focus and rise above your competition. In this guide, we help you build an internal case for what sophisticated social media management solutions can do for your business, and share the essential questions your buying committee should ask before investing in a platform.

Evaluate platforms with confidence