If content is king, distribution is queen – and as a brand, you have a major challenge in front of you. Understanding the strategy for channel distribution is your first obstacle, but actually having the reach and the budget for successful distribution is where the real pain lies.

One way that brands can overcome this content distribution problem is through advocacy. This means leveraging the networks of individuals who like you and are invested in your continued success. Advocacy can take on many forms. When many people hear advocacy, they tend to think major influencers: celebrities and individuals with large social followings. However, what forward thinking brands realize is that the most readily available, qualified and engaged advocates should be right in front of you: your employees.

Better Together: Brands & Their Employees

In fact, a recent Sprout Social report found that 69% of social marketers use or plan to use employees as their brand advocates. Finding the right way to reach your employees can be tricky though. To simplify employee advocacy, Bambu, by Sprout Social streamlines curation and distribution in a central platform to enable your employees to seamlessly share your content.

With Bambu, social media managers can amplify the reach of messages and tap into the power of their people by quickly curating content and distributing to their employees. You can empower teams to share to their networks so they are consistently promoting the latest company news, blog posts or product updates. Harnessing an employee advocacy platform like Bambu ensures teams are sharing the right branded content when it matters most.

Better Together: Brand Content and Third Party Content

In addition to brand-created assets, many teams lean on third-party content to capture the full breadth of their digital strategy. Sharing articles or blog posts from trusted and relevant sources has the power to elevate your brand equity, forge partnerships with like-minded brands or thought leaders and further establish trust with your audience.

For most social media managers, finding the right third-party content can be time-consuming. Luckily, Sprout has a solution that makes it easy for you to surface timely and thoughtful content. Using Content Suggestions in Sprout, you can discover the most relevant and engaging articles, blog posts and other topical pieces to share – and immediately publish it to your social profiles. Simplify your workflow by sourcing and scheduling in one place to make third party content integral to your end-to-end strategy.

Better Together: Send to Bambu, From Sprout

All of this leads us to an exciting leap forward in further integrating Sprout and Bambu–as well as the easiest way to reach new audiences through employee advocacy.

With Sprout’s latest Bambu integration, Send to Bambu, seamlessly amplify your content to your employees’ networks with carefully curated and approved messaging for every social post. In Sprout’s Compose, you can funnel approved content directly to your employees with one click. Using Sprout and Bambu together, the lifecycle of brand messages is extended and, more importantly, amplified by the people who care most about your brand.

Additionally, just as your brand strategy requires trusted third party content, so does your employee advocacy program. With Send to Bambu functionality also available in Sprout’s Content Suggestions, instantly share your trusted third party content with employees to strengthen each individual’s position as a thought leader. By giving employees full context on every shared post, you’ll ensure proper messaging and alignment with broader marketing objectives.

Whether your focus is social media management, brand communications, building community or general marketing—incorporating the power of employee advocacy into your distribution strategy will make amplification possible across all of your content.

If your team is using Sprout, but is unfamiliar with our Bambu solution, we’d love to show you more. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to let us know of any feedback.