Although Facebook has been adding to the prominence of images on its platform as of late, the social network is now testing reduced sizes for some Page Post Ads in News Feeds.

At 225×225 pixels, photos on Suggested Posts are now significantly smaller than those posted by members or Pages that a member Likes. However, these images are still larger than the new link preview dimensions.

A company spokesperson said Facebook is “testing different sizes based on connectedness.” Images that don’t include social context — meaning the individual doesn’t have a friend connected to the Page advertised — now include smaller photo and video thumbnails.

Advertisement’s lacking a friend’s endorsement could be unwelcome in the feed. By making these ads smaller, Facebook might be able to reduce the amount of negative feedback they receive. At the same time, the change could also make these ads easier to overlook.

Page Post Ads with social context still have full-size visuals. If you’re concerned about the smaller image size, you might want to consider an alternate type of Facebook Ad when trying to reach non-fans and their friends. While the spokesperson confirmed this test, they didn’t say whether the reduction would stick.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Aurelijus Valeiša]