Earlier this year, Sprout Social announced Retweet With Comment, which enables users to share and add commentary to Tweets without losing the context of the original message. Twitter recently added the ability to pull Retweets With Comments from its data source, so we’ve added these messages to the Smart Inbox. Now users can publish their thoughts and see what others are saying about their messages.


The message detail design makes it easy for users to understand the context of the original Tweet while quickly focusing on the accompanying comment. The original Tweet is separate from the comment to provide a more intuitive reading flow.


Retweets With Comments stream into the Smart Inbox as incoming messages with full inbox functionality and a designated filter. Users can reply to, task, complete, chart and isolate these messages to monitor and engage with Twitter users who are Retweeting their content and commenting on it.


We’ve also added Retweets With Comments to the Twitter Profiles Report under Audience Engagement. Users gain insight into which Tweets generated the most chatter and how active audiences are in adding their voice to brand messages. Along with Retweets, replies and favorites, the engagement metrics provide users a deep understanding of audience interaction.


Our scalable platform enables us to quickly get this new message type in the Smart Inbox, providing unparalleled visibility into these types of messages and ensuring our customers have the best experience possible.