This week LinkedIn rolled out two new features for marketers aimed at making the connections between businesses and followers more meaningful.

Once you’ve created a Company Page on LinkedIn, your fans and industry colleagues can follow you to keep up with your company happenings. Through these status updates, you can broadcast news to your entire professional community.

In an effort to improve engagement, LinkedIn has updated this feature so that you’re able to reach your target audience with specific messages. This is a powerful update, as many people don’t interact with messages that they don’t find relevant.

LinkedIn has also launched Follower Statistics, which provides details about who is sharing and engaging with your content. You’ll have access to follower demographics, as well as insights regarding likes, shares, and comments.

This is a great addition for businesses that take advantage of LinkedIn’s Company Pages. Now you’re able to send new product announcements to your customers and job openings to college grads without worrying about flooding your followers with content.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: hans van rijnberk]