Facebook Trends

Now it appears that Facebook has borrowed a new feature similar to one found on another social network: LinkedIn. According to screenshots, some members have noticed that the social network is now encouraging members to share information about their employment status.

Currently individuals can update their work present and past history as part of their About section. Once an individual completes a job, however, there aren’t any other options to choose from. The new feature, spotted by Matteo Gamba of Wimdu, asks members if they want to share that they don’t currently have a job.

Facebook Unemployment

Although there’s no guarantee that this will ever be more than a test, it does signal that Facebook might be interested in developing recruiting-specific features for its platform. It certainly wouldn’t be done in vain — an earlier report found that 92 percent of companies use social media for recruiting purposes, 66 percent of which use Facebook.

If made permanent, it’ll likely be some time before we see the option displayed on every job seeker’s Facebook Profile. However, it does open the door to interesting opportunities for recruiters on the social network. For example, Promoted Posts highlighting an open position could be targeted to individuals currently looking for employment. Knowing Facebook, you’d probably even be able to target by a specific work history or city.

Of course we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves, and we’ll certainly keep you updated on new developments related to the experiment. In the mean time, Insights contributor Elizabeth Harper published a very helpful article on how to take your recruitment efforts beyond LinkedIn. It’s worth a read if you or your recruitment team are looking to branch out on other social networks.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Alan Cleaver]