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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Community Management Strategy And Build Lasting Connections

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The word community can make us think of belonging, common goals, relationships and like-minded people coming together. Brand communities should be no different.

In the simplest terms, a brand community is a place where people who have a vested interest or emotional connection to your brand can connect with each other and your brand. When done right, a brand community will keep members engaged, deliver value and even encourage members to become ambassadors for community growth.

But without a community management strategy in place, you’ll have a hard time getting people to join in the first place.
To help you build a stronger community that fosters lasting relationships, we spoke to two top community managers who shared social media community management best practices for:

  • Making members feel welcomed
  • Listening to your community’s needs
  • Keeping community members engaged
  • Sharing valuable resources and information
  • Encouraging feedback

This guide also includes standout social media community management examples that can inspire your strategy.

A brand community is a powerful business tool. And when it becomes a positive, integral part of your community members’ days, those members will want to share the magic they feel and lift up your brand.

Download the guide today to start building a stronger brand community.

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