Facebook appears to be testing a more prominent button on Event pages to direct attendees to wherever tickets are being sold.

Previously, event organizers could list a site for attendees to buy tickets from, but it appeared as a small bit.ly link. Now, the social network is testing a new “buy tickets” button which appears in the information section of an event.

However, instead of conducting transactions directly on the page, individuals are still sent to third-party websites. It’s possible that Facebook might host transactions in the future, but that doesn’t appear to be the focus of the current test.

According to Inside Facebook, the new button only seems to be available for Facebook Pages. Any Page that creates an event can add a link for tickets, which will create a “buy tickets” button. However, if an individual create an event, that option isn’t available.

The social network hasn’t commented on the details of this test, so it’s unknown how the functionality is being rolled out. If it becomes more widely available, it could lead to higher ticket sales for Facebook Events.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Ingrid Taylar]