Earlier this year, Facebook released a guide to help nonprofit organizations raise awareness and connect with its user base. The social network is once again focused on the social good sector and this week unveiled a “Donate Now” button, making it much easier for nonprofits to accept contributions.

“In November 2013, in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, we partnered with the International Federation of Red Cross to let people donate directly to the Red Cross’ relief efforts in the Philippines,” wrote Facebook. “After seeing the generosity of people around the world toward this effort, we’ve been inspired to help everyone donate, at any time, to the organizations they care about most.”

The “Donate Now” button will appear beside posts in News Feed for participating nonprofits and at the top of their Facebook Pages. When clicked, individuals will be able to choose the amount, enter their payment information, and immediately donate to the cause. Supporters will also have to option to spread additional awareness for the cause by sharing the nonprofit’s post with friends.


Asking for help isn’t always easy and often times emails can go unnoticed in overcrowded inboxes. The donate button gives nonprofits an easier way to reach out to people who are already interested in supporting organizations and relief efforts. Additionally, added exposure on a network that boasts more than one billion members isn’t a bad idea either.

At this time, Facebook has partnered with a total of 18 nonprofits, including the Boys & Girls Club of America, World Wildlife Fund, Water.org, and UNICEF. The Donate button will be made available to more organizations soon. Any nonprofit group that is interested in using the button are invited to fill out an interest form.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: David Dugdale]