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How to Reach Digital Natives on Social Media

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The youth boom is coming. Millennials and Gen Zers are poised to take over as the most dominant consumer groups in the US. As their buying power increases, so will the competition to win their business.

These two generations, known as digital natives, are some of the most social media savvy consumers and share an eagerness to connect with brands online. But there are also important distinctions in the networks they use, the content they engage with, and their beliefs about what makes a brand best in class.

This report takes a closer look at the data from the Sprout Social Index™, Edition XVII: Accelerate to identify what marketers need to know to win over digital natives on social, including:

  • The top social networks Gen Zers and Millennials want to see brands use more
  • What drives digital natives to buy from one brand over another
  • Ways for brands to demonstrate cultural relevance on social
  • And more insights on how to inspire brand loyalty

Download this report to start shaping a social strategy that speaks directly to the needs, interests and values of digital natives.

View Data Report