As the saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” This sentiment is particularly true when it comes to the type of content you curate as part of your employee advocacy program. If you aren’t taking the time to fully vet for quality, you may be doing more harm than good.

To provide your team members with information that actually resonates and is generally inspiring, here are a few content sourcing tips to build out your employee advocacy program—one that will amplify your message and set you apart from the competition.

Industry News & Events

Developments in your industry should be a major part of your employee advocacy content curation. This not only affects your business over time, it also impacts your employees day to day. Empower your employees to become industry experts so that they are better equipped to adjust to changes while continuing to deliver superior results.

If your employees are participating in industry conferences or other events, share that on your main channels and within your employee advocacy content platform too.

Customer Spotlights

Great customers can inspire your employees. Be sure to share any news that showcases your most loyal followers in a positive light—and how your business played a role in achieving their goals.

You can pull in tactics that you use in your other content marketing activities, such as highlighting news from customers that align with the holidays or seasonal events. Chances are your content team already has a calendar that syncs up with your customers’ major initiatives. If not, build one.

No matter how you arrive at this alignment, rest assured that your customers will appreciate it. Everyone likes to see their name in lights, right?

Leveraging your customers as an additional source of content for your advocacy program promises two benefits:

  1. It ensures your employees have a better understanding of your customers.
  2. Your customers will appreciate that you care enough to promote their good work.

Public Relations Contacts

Your PR team is likely armed with a list of frequent contacts. Tap into it. Follow major media outlets and specific journalists on social, then share their articles and Tweets to show you are wired into their work. After all, they want eyeballs just as much as you do.

For more on media outreach, check out our article, “Public Relations on Social: 3 Journalists Reveal What Gets Their Attention.”


Beyond the PR world, there is a layer of influencers who exist across any subject or industry. They have the opportunity to raise awareness about your products and services to a targeted group of followers. These are individuals whom you might have a very hard time reaching otherwise.

No doubt, you want to get closer to these influencers. One way to do this is by curating their original content inside of your employee advocacy program. It will not only amplify their messages, it will also keep a constant reminder in front of them about how supportive your organization is of their efforts.

When all is said and done, your employee advocacy program, and the content you curate to support it, shouldn’t rest solely on news about your organization. It should be a diverse set of stories showcasing your employees’ deep understanding of the industry they are in, the company they work for and the customers they value.