Successful technology relies on innovation and adaptability, and at Sprout Social, these attributes run deep in our DNA. We’ve always believed that our intentionality is what sets us apart from the rest, and today, I’m thrilled to announce that our commitment to excellence has been recognized with our inclusion on the Fortune Best Workplaces in Technology™ list.

Keeping up with the ever-evolving nature of social media requires more than quick fixes and short-term solutions—it requires curious and purpose-driven people who think about the challenges of tomorrow. Whether it’s reimagining our own systems to scale efficiently or conducting research to help businesses navigate the ever-evolving world of social, Team Sprout rises to meet complex problems and sees change as an opportunity for growth.

The technology sector has had its fair share of ups and downs that presented challenges and opportunities to rethink how we accomplish our best work. As a global distributed team, we’ve proactively sought ways to maintain our vibrant culture and foster connection in a remote work setting. This renewed focus has not only helped us navigate the current landscape, but has led to more effective and inclusive workplace practices. As a result, we’ve emerged stronger, more connected and more innovative than ever.

Our commitment to the well-being of our team remains steadfast. We’re continuously exploring new ways to learn and thrive in the pursuit of building intuitive and impactful software.

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