Twitter Verification

Twitter verification tells your Twitter followers your profile is authentic, trusted and the source of truth for your name, business or organization. In the past, the process required an application process to to get the small blue check to appear next to your name.

However, Twitter recently suspended its verification process after CEO Jack Dorsey called the system “broken.”

For figures of interest, Twitter verification is an important milestone to achieve. It demonstrates authority online and improves your chances of earning followers.

How Does Twitter Verification Work?

Twitter takes verification seriously. Each application for a Twitter badge is manually reviewed by an administrator. In fact, any account that tries to use a badge as part of a profile or background photo is subject to suspension.

Importantly, only a handful of people are candidates for Twitter verification. The social site only verifies well-known brands and public figures. According to the Twitter Help Center, verified accounts are usually involved with:

Tips for Getting Twitter Verified

When Twitter Verification first emerged, it was very difficult to get. Now, while you’ll still need to be a “figure of interest,” applying for verification is much simpler. The easiest way to get your blue check is to follow these steps:

If you go through these steps and don’t get verified, don’t panic. Twitter lets you try again in 30 days.

Twitter Verification Pros

There are plenty of benefits to getting Twitter verification. The blue check helps people to find you online and gives you an air of credibility. Additionally, this seal of approval ensures you stand out in a growing crowd of competitors.

Verification is the validation that encourages users to trust both your brand and your content. This leads to: