LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a publishing platform created by the professional social networking channel, LinkedIn. When Pulse first emerged, it was reserved exclusively for well-known influencers. However, in 2014, LinkedIn decided to share the platform with all of their users.

LinkedIn Pulse represents a useful way for thought leaders and industry experts to earn credibility and attract attention for their brand. DemandWave research suggests that around 92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing strategy.

Who uses LinkedIn Pulse?

LinkedIn Pulse gives business leaders a way to build their reputation, reach a wider audience and develop trust online. Because LinkedIn is the ultimate social channel for professionals, Pulse is particularly useful for B2B brands.

The Pulse platform generates blog posts, news stories and insights from people in relevant networks on LinkedIn. When you write an article on Pulse, everyone you’re connected to will be notified of the new content. It’s also possible to share Pulse pieces as separate content on LinkedIn and on other social media profiles too.

The benefits of LinkedIn Pulse

In digital marketing, companies need to focus on getting their content in front of as many eyes as possible. LinkedIn Pulse is excellent for raising awareness among a professional network and it helps to generate more leads for a B2B organization. Other benefits of LinkedIn Pulse include:

Some companies also convert their blog posts into LinkedIn Pulse content to get more traction for their ideas and guide people back to their website. Just make sure that the information you share on Pulse is unique enough that it doesn’t appear as duplicate content in the search engines.

Tips for using LinkedIn Pulse

Succeeding with LinkedIn Pulse is similar to excelling with any content strategy. The first step is making sure that you understand the platform and how it works. Remember that your content will be displayed to a highly professional audience, which means you may need to adjust your tone of voice accordingly. Other points to keep in mind with LinkedIn Pulse include: