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What’s Next: Using AI & Automation to Crush Q3 and Beyond

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Session time: 1 hour

AI may be a hot topic, but when combined with automation, it’ll put you on your way to better engaging your audience and crushing your Q3 goals.

Even if you can’t wait to include AI and automation in your workflow—learning and implementing a new process to improve your work tomorrow, feels impossible when you’re busy creating content and mining social insights to share with your organization today.

Thankfully, Sprout experts, Tazi Flory, Product Marketing Manager II and Steph Hermanson, Strategic Services Consultant, are teaming up to walk you through their playbook to integrate AI and automation into your daily routine easily. Plus, they’ll walk you through Sprout’s new comprehensive AI + automation suite and how your team can leverage it to hit your goals. 

You’ll also discover:

  • Real-life examples of brands already leveraging AI
  • How AI is shaping social strategy and a clear plan to elevate your AI knowledge
  • Tactical ways to use automation to spot trends and stay aligned with your audience
  • How AI can help your team become more innovative and strategy-driven

Your Speakers:


Steph Hermanson

Steph Hermanson

Sprout Social

Steph Hermanson is a Strategic Services Consultant on our Professional Services team at Sprout. She has 15+ years of professional social media and marketing consulting experience and guides teams through the process of understanding, building, and evaluating social strategies. Her expertise lies heavily in strategic guidance around linking strategy to tactics to insights. Focusing on key elements like reporting structure, business process optimization, and social listening, Steph is the ideal resource for complex social organizations who need to prove the ROI of social to their leadership. Since joining Sprout, Steph has worked with notable brands including Square, University of Michigan, PENN Entertainment, and many large B2B organizations.

Tazi Flory

Tazi Flory

Sprout Social

Tazi is the Product Marketing Manager II at Sprout, based in Seattle. Tazi spends her time boxing, reading fantasy and adventure books, and passionately arguing that pie is better than cake. She loves social (duh) and spends too much of her time looking at Instagram stories. @tazi_flory

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