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Customer Exclusive: 8 Social Strategies to Hit Your Business Goals

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Webinar Details

8 Social Strategies to Hit Your Business Goals is the first installment of our new Success Webinar Series, where customers choose the topic and our very own success and product experts drop the knowledge. 

We’ll show you how you can map your social goals to your business goals, and deploy all of these strategies with Sprout today:

  • Increase brand awareness by monitoring the health of your brand and creating customized content
  • Provide customer service that’s a cut above with automation
  • Understand your market share through SOV and competitive benchmarking
  • Measure ROI by understanding your performance and specific KPI’s
  • And more!

This webinar will walk through different business goals, overall social strategy, and specific recommendations we have for how to achieve them in Sprout Social.

We will be joined by Tazi Flory, a member of our Customer Success team, and our Product Marketing Manager, Carolina Leon. Lucy Hitz from Customer Marketing will be moderating and adding further insight.

The Presenters

Carolina Leon

Manager, Product Marketing
Sprout Social

Carolina is a product marketer, born and raised in Miami, FL. She loves themed parties, french fries, and organizing flash mobs with her friends (and I guess she also loves chatbots)! Find her on Twitter @caroolion

Tazi Flory

Senior Customer Success Manager
Sprout Social

Tazi is a senior member of Sprout's customer success team, based in the Seattle office. Tazi spends her time boxing, reading fantasy and adventure books, and passionately arguing that pie is better than cake. She loves social (duh) and spends too much of her time looking at Instagram stories. @tazi_flory