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Selling on Social Media: A Complete Walkthrough

How credible is your brand on social media? Are you trustworthy enough for users to make a purchasing decision from your networks? There should be a lot going into selling on social media–enough so you create or at least present an avenue for customers to make these important purchasing decisions.

Your brand has an endless opportunity to reach more distinct and curated audiences with social media. However, without a plan to actually sell to your customers, what is the point of your social strategy? At what point of the marketing funnel do your followers move to your product pages?

We know these questions are hard to answer, but that’s why we put together a collection of articles on the topic. Check out each of these posts to learn and master selling on social media.

Getting Started With Social Selling

You likely have an idea of what you want to promote and sell on your different social channels, but you might be looking for ideas on how to get this up and going. In this section, we provide the details for selling on your most important networks and how to further develop your sales strategy into social media.

5 Psychological Tips for Selling on Facebook

Are you promoting your brand on Facebook, but not seeing the results you like? It might be time to work on some basic selling strategies to reach your customers more effectively. In this post, we provide five psychological tips for brands selling on Facebook. Learn how to execute your best-selling service and get customers to truly consider your Facebook as an entry point for sales.

3 Steps for Successfully Selling on Instagram

Before you get started with selling on Instagram, it’s critical to determine your sales metrics. It’s not until you know whether you’re tracking referrals, sales, conversions or traffic before you can see actual success. And by following these three core steps, your brand can take on Instagram more strategically. Don’t just adopt Instagram, but instead have a plan of action and know what metrics you’ll need to track to see success in sales.

How to Build the Perfect LinkedIn Page

If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn can be a powerful platform to improve social sales. The network provides various tools that allow businesses to find prospects, perform outreach, see real-time metrics and much more. LinkedIn is about building relationships and in this article, we’ll run through the essentials of building an appealing LinkedIn page for your organization.

10 Tips to Build Better Converting Twitter Traffic

Twitter is one of the hardest places to drive traffic to your landing pages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. In this guide, we teach you 10 must-know tips for building better Tweets to help drive your audience further down the sales funnel. Read more to see if your strategy is lacking any of these critical pieces!

Generating Leads

In terms of sales, leads can be just as important to your business. Leads are essential for brands to massage, evaluate and push deeper into the sales funnel. However, generating leads from social isn’t the easiest task for businesses. That’s why we’re providing these articles below to give you more insight into lead generation on social.

How to Use Social Listening for Sales

For several brands out there, the strategy remains the same–publish content and engage with users. That’s not a bad start, but maybe it’s time to take a step back and listen. Social listening can help you discover qualified sales leads by targeting keywords, monitoring mentions and getting a general feel of the conversations happening in the industry. Learn how to improve your social listening skills to generate more sales leads here.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Lead Generation Guide

Cut the selfies, massive amount of emojis and heated arguments from your social and you have a space for professional networking. Queue LinkedIn’s ability to help your business avoid the selfies and start generating leads through smart searches and finding user’s intent. This means you can generate leads by publishing helpful content, ads or just making connections with decision makers at your target companies. Learn how to do it effectively in this article.

How to Create Effective Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Organic reach on Facebook has dwindled down significantly in the past few years. This makes it harder to generate sales or leads without the help of paid ads. But you shouldn’t just throw money at Facebook ads and hope it sticks. Instead, try to focus your ad campaigns on lead generation. Not only will you earn new leads, but you also build brand awareness. Not all social ads have to be cut and dry. Learn how to better target your audience and present great content to users in this post.

Improving Sales Enablement

If you want to increase sales through your social channels, your team needs the right tools, content and strategies to help customers make sales decisions. You want to drive customers to purchase your product or services, but how your sales team can get from point A to B in the sales cycle is another question. Here we’ll provide some articles that help improve sales enablement by addressing common social media issues.

How to Measure the Value of Social Media

When selling on social media, your business should treat it like any other network. And one of the first steps is to determine how you can measure sales, set benchmarks and improve for the future. In this guide, we discuss how to measure the value of social media so you can better understand how each network can pay off for your business.

How to Craft the Best Instagram Bios for Businesses

Instagram is growing into one of the biggest social networks, and that means the competition is higher too. That’s why you need a pristine profile so you can get the most value out of the channel. And one of the most important parts of your Instagram is the bio. When setup correctly, you can better drive sales through your link.

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