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Template: Everything You Need for an Employee Spotlight Series on Social

View Template A graphic depicting an employee featured in an employee spotlight series on social media

Employee spotlights—or “meet the team” series—seem like fun social content on the surface. But they’re also a powerful tool for recruitment, brand management and employee engagement.

With more than 20 million people quitting their jobs in the second half of 2021, retaining current talent and attracting future applicants is crucial. An employee spotlight series can help your current employees feel appreciated and seen. And considering recognition for work is a key factor for attracting candidates, showing the talent pool that you value your employees is crucial.

We’ve created a collection of customizable templates to help create and guide your employee spotlight series creation—from start to finish. In this guide, find:

  • A process checklist to help you stay organized across teams
  • A sample 12-month content calendar for your employee spotlight series
  • Asset request briefs for your visual and copy teams
  • Briefs for employees you spotlight to clearly request assets and information

These templates are just the starting point. Make a copy of the employee spotlight template and customize it to your teams, process and company to start your employee spotlight series on social today

Download the template