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[Workbook] How to design your AI social media marketing strategy

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Social media professionals wear a lot of hats. They’re content creators, community managers, data analysts—the list goes on. As social media performance becomes even more integral to business success, workloads are expanding and marketers are being pushed to do more than ever before. To accomplish these lofty goals, you’ll need tools that help you work smarter, faster. 

AI can transform how your team operates for the better, but only through the thoughtful implementation of tools and resources. This workbook is designed to help you map out an AI social media strategy that makes the most of this emerging opportunity. It will help you:

  • Recognize the pain points in your current processes and transform them into strategic goals for your AI social marketing strategy.
  • Chart the opportunities and gaps in your existing tech stack.
  • Identify the unique ethical considerations that must be addressed to promote the responsible use of AI.
  • Prepare for AI vendor discovery and evaluation

Download the workbook and start saving your team valuable time today. 

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