Perform Segmented Analysis in Advanced Listening with the Themes Tab

Sprout users now have the ability to perform segmented analysis using Themes in Advanced Listening. Themes are custom segments enabling you to break down large data sets by product, moods or feelings, competitors, location, and more to generate pin-point insights for share of voice, potential impressions engagement and sentiment metrics.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Click the Themes tab in your Advanced Listening dashboard.
  3. Note: To have themes added for you, please reach out to your Sprout contact or

Analyze Potential Impressions Multiple Ways in Advanced Listening

Sprout users can now interact with potential impressions over time in Advanced Listening, making it easier to understand impression trends. The data can be viewed at an aggregated level or broken down by channel, content type, and demographic.

  1. HOW TO: 
  2. Under the Overview Tab, navigate down to the Potential Impressions section.
  3. Click any point on the chart to navigate to posts from the selected date.
  4. Use the dropdown menu above the chart to breakdown the data in different ways.