Harness Social Conversation Data with Advanced Listening in Sprout

The power of Sprout’s Advanced Listening solution is now integrated alongside the Engagement, Publishing and Reporting tools you use everyday. The integrated platform includes:

  • More Channels: Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Tumblr, and broader web (Blogs, Forums and News Sites) data as sources to give a complete picture of social conversation.
  • Interactive, easily filterable data to research conversation around your brand, industry, and competitors.
  • An updated Topic Builder to create complex topics through an easy to navigate experience.
  • A new tabular layout organizes related data to surface targeted insights by visualizing information in context.

Advanced Listening is available for purchase as a Premium Add-On to clients of any plan.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Navigate to the Listening tab.
  3. Select you Topic in the left nav you would like to analyze.

Create Targeted Queries with Topic Builder

The refreshed Topic Builder makes it easy to put together the queries you would like to analyze in Advanced Listening.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Use the Left Nav to select + New Topic
  3. Select what you would like your Topic to be called.
  4. Select the channels you would like to pull data from.
  5. Input the keywords, phrases, hashtags, cashtags or user information you would like to analyze.
  6. Refine your Topic with additional filters such as post language, post country, posts from verified users, and more

Analyze Topic Data with Filters, Breakdowns, and a Tabbed Experience

There are four tabs to help you analyze the conversation around your Topic: Performance, Conversation, Demographics, and Messages. Data in each tab is clickable enabling you to drill down to related posts.

Performance summarizes Topic data and enables you to select different breakdowns highlighting important information or other ways to view selected charts. The Conversation tab illuminates top terms within your selected topic to help highlight emerging trends. The Demographics tab provides a look into those posting about your topic including demographic information and a sortable profiles table to identify influencers. Finally, the Messages tab provides every message in a sortable, tabular format to help identify top posts.

Using Message Search Filters, the entire data set can be filtered in real-time by channel, date range,  specific keywords, phrases, hashtags and authors.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Select the Performance, Conversation, Demographics, or Messages tab.
  3. Click charts to drill down to posts from a specific time period.
  4. Use the breakdowns above a chart to dimension the data or select specific metrics to include.
  5. Use the right rail to filter your data in real time around date, channel, or Message Search Filters.
  6. Click the column header in a table to search by metric.