Find messages relevant to your brand with Twitter Search

Twitter Search, formerly Smart Search in Discovery, enables you to quickly find, tag or respond to Twitter messages around selected keywords and locations without creating a full Topic.

  1. HOW TO
  2. Navigate to your Listening tab.
  3.  Select Twitter Search and click + New Twitter Search.
  4. Enter the term you would like to track and click search.
  5. Refine you search by entering a location and proximity to location.


Organize your audience with Twitter Follower Tools

Twitter Follower Tools, previously Cleanup and Suggestions in Discovery, allow you to quickly identify those following you, those mentioning you, and those you have exchanged messages with. You can also find followers displaying irregular activity, no activity, or not following you back.

  1. HOW TO
  2. Select the gear icon located at the top right of your screen.
  3. Click Twitter Follower Tools under Support & Resources.
  4. Find and select your desired category.
  5. Hover over the audience member to illuminate options to follow, see conversation, report user, hide profile or view full profile.