Focus ads reporting with the Paid Campaign Selector

The Campaign Selector for Sprout’s Paid Performance Reporting  enables you to quickly choose the campaigns you would like to analyze by ad account, campaign start date, and active status.


  1. HOW TO
  2. Navigate to the the Paid Performance Report of your choosing.
  3. Click Select Campaigns in the Right Rail.
  4. Select the Ad Account or Accounts containing the campaigns you would like to analyze.
  5. To analyze all campaigns from a selected account make sure the “All Campaigns” button in the center column is selected.
  6. To find individual campaigns quickly, search with the search bar or sort campaigns alphabetically, by start date, or by active status.
  7. To remove campaigns, simply select “Clear All” above the right column or use the drop down next to each account to expose, then remove the individual campaigns.