Illuminate new insights with Advanced Filtering in Advanced Listening

Advanced Filtering enables you to quickly (surprise!) filter Sprout’s Advanced Listening dashboard around keywords, themes, sentiment, and demographics including age, gender, location and device. This functionality has a variety of applications from content research, to identifying positive or negative sentiment drivers, to understanding demographic preferences.

  1. HOW TO:

Once in your Advanced Listening dashboard, the filters can be triggered in one of two ways:

1. Click into any of the following sections resulting in a filter being applied to the entire insights view around the category/term you select:

  • Performance Tab: Network Overview
  • Conversation Tab: Word Cloud, Related Keywords & Hashtags, Conversation Overview
  • Demographics Tab:Age and Gender Breakdown, Device Demographics, Profile Overvie, Locations, Locations Overview
  • Themes Tab: Themes Overview.

2. You can use the new “Advanced Filters” drop down in the right rail to quickly resort your dashboard around filters including:

  • Sentiment: Filter by messages that were classified as positive, negative or unrated.
  • Gender: Filter by author included gender of male or female.
  • Age Range: Filter by messages by author age range. The options are 0-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, or 55+.
  • Technology: Filter by messages origin.
  • Mobile OS: Filter by messages posted on iOS or Android.

To remove filters, simply uncheck the appropriate box or click “clear all” under “included filters” in the Message Search Filters area.