View Ad Posts in the Facebook Sent Messages Report

The Sent Messages Report now includes Ad Posts from Facebook for a comprehensive view of published posts.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From Reports, go to the Sent Messages Report.
  3. Choose Facebook.
  4. Filter Ad Posts to display metrics.

Add More Content to Your Chatbot Workflows

Sprout’s Bot Builder now supports the ability to add unlimited levels of Quick-replies and Auto-Responses in a conversational workflow. With this advanced functionality, you can introduce more detailed customer care paths and highly engaging marketing experiences that facilitate more in-depth chatbot interactions.

Drag & Drop Quick Replies in the Bot Builder

The ability to drag & drop Quick Replies is now available in Sprout’s Conversation Map. This UX update enables users to build and re-work chatbot content seamlessly. When you drag a Quick Reply, all of the content below each Quick Reply will move along with it.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Place your mouse over the top section of each Quick Reply and drag.