Build and Save Custom Inbox Views

Inbox Views enables you to build and save custom inbox views using specific filter sets in the Smart Inbox (available with Professional and Advanced plans). Configure an inbox view by selecting network profiles, messages types and brand keywords you would like to view.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. On the left side under Your Inboxes, select Create New. (Alternatively, from the Smart Inbox select the profiles, message types, and/or brand keywords from the filter menu on the right that you want to see in your new inbox and select Save As).
  3. After choosing your new filters, click Save.
  4. Name the inbox view and select either specific people or everyone in your current group that will share the inbox view. Click Save.
  5. Edit the filters at any time by selecting Edit on the filter menu and choosing different filters and clicking Save.
  6. Delete the Inbox View from the icon at the top of the filter menu.
Inbox Views - View Inbox