Twitter History Enhancement

Twitter conversation history has been enhanced so that when multiple profiles are mentioned in a Tweet, the message is stored in the history for each mentioned profile as well as the original sender. This enhancement ensures that all of your interactions with profiles are tracked regardless of which profile the Tweet came from or was mentioned.

Example: “It’s cold today, stay warm with hot coffee! @BosSproutCoffee @ChiSproutCoffee @NYCSproutCoffee (sent by @MySproutCoffee)”. All three profiles mentioned and the sender will see this message in their respective Twitter history.

History appears when viewing a contact and in Twitter reply.

Sprout Twitter History Enhancements

Twitter Tracking Enhancement

Retweets are now logged in Twitter conversation history. As you view contacts and respond to Tweets, you can see if a person has retweeted your messages and which ones they have retweeted.

  1. How To
  2. From the Inbox, click on a contact or hit Reply on a message.
  3. See or switch to History to view conversation history.
  4. Retweeted messages are labeled Retweeted by.
Sprout Twitter Tracking Enhancement

Mark Messages as Complete in iOS and Android

In the mobile app you can now mark messages as complete and hide completed messages from the Inbox to stay focused on those you haven’t gotten to yet.

  1. How To
  2. From the Inbox, select a message and click the Checkmark Icon to mark as complete.
  3. To hide messages marked as complete, click on Configure Inbox and turn Hide Completed Items to On.
  4. Click Done to return to the Inbox.
Mark Messages As Complete in Sprout iOS Android Apps

Select Time Frame in iOS

In the iOS mobile app you can now filter the Inbox by selecting a time frame to view messages you need to focus on.

  1. How To
  2. From the Inbox, click on Configure Inbox.
  3. Under Inbox Items, click on the date range.
  4. Select the date you would like to view and a green checkmark will indicate the chosen time frame.
  5. Click Back and Done to return to the Inbox.
Select Time Frame in Sprout iOS App