View Twitter Emojis in Sprout

Stay on top of sentiment with Twitter messages that use emojis. View emojis in the Inbox and conversation history.

Note: Not all internet browsers support emojis.

View Twitter Emojis in Sprout

Twitter Images Enhancement

View images from Twitter messages without leaving the Sprout application. From the Inbox, History, and Twitter Feeds, click the link to view the image in a pop-out box.

  1. How To
  2. Select a message with an image URL.
  3. Click the link to view.
  4. Click the X to close the pop-out box.
Sprout Twitter Image Enhancements

Twitter Collaboration Enhancement

In conversation history, Twitter messages sent from Sprout now show the team member’s name that replied. This enhancement shows users at a glance which person responded, giving greater insight to collaboration between team members and provides accountability insight for managers.

History appears when viewing a contact and in Twitter reply.

Enhanced Twitter Collaboration in Sprout