@Mention LinkedIn Company Pages in Compose

You can now @mention LinkedIn Pages from Sprout’s Compose window. This is available from Sprout’s web interface as well as the Android and iOS apps.

  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Open Compose and select a LinkedIn profile from the dropdown.
  3. In your post type @ followed by the first letters of the Company Page name.
  4. Choose the Page you wish to tag from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select the Preview Message icon to see how the post will appear before it is posted.

Automatically Mention Users When Replying to Facebook Comment Replies

When replying to Facebook comment replies, Sprout will automatically @mention the user being replied to. This enhancement mirrors functionality on the native Facebook platform, making it easier to navigate a thread of nested replies.

  1. HOW TO:
  2. Choose a Facebook Comment Reply from the Smart Inbox and select the Reply icon.