Centralize Social Ad Campaign Reporting with the Cross-Network Paid Performance Report

You can now aggregate paid campaign performance data with the new Cross-Network Paid Performance Report in Sprout. The report corrals campaign-level data from Facebook (including Messenger and Facebook Audience Network), Twitter (including Twitter Audience Network), Instagram and LinkedIn (including LinkedIn Audience Network) into one central location. The data is organized into an Overview providing an executive summary of performance, and a Campaign tab enabling users to sort campaigns by spend or selected KPIs. The report is available to everyone on a Professional or Advanced Plan.


  1. HOW TO:
  2. In the top right corner of your web app, select the Connect a Profile icon and add your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn Ads account (this does not count towards your profile limit).
  3. From the Reports home, under Paid Social Reports, select Cross-Network Paid Performance.
  4. Using the right rail, select the time frame you would like to analyze.
  5. Select the campaigns you would like to include in the report using the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, And LinkedIn drop downs