Delete a Custom Report

Sprout users can now delete reports created using Report Builder. Reports can only be deleted from Reports Home.

  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Go to Reports.
  3. Click the menu on a report tile you wish to delete.
  4. Select Delete.

View Publishing Calendar by Month

Sprout’s Publishing Calendar now includes a month view. Quickly view and schedule content across networks with the entire month in sight.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Under the Publishing Tab, select Calendar in the left navigation bar.
  3. On the top, toggle to the Month view.
  4. If you have messages scheduled, click the numbered network icon to see more information about that day’s messages.
  5. Navigate to another month with the arrows above the calendar or the Date Range picker on the right side.
  6. Select your preferred filters or tags. Click Export to email or download a PDF of the calendar with your filter or tag selections.
Calendar Month View