Select the Thumbnail Image for Instagram Video Posts

To better optimize your content for engagement, you can now select your preferred thumbnail from 20 frames for an Instagram Video Post. If publishing through the Sprout Mobile App Flow, you will have to re-select the thumbnail in the Instagram native app.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. Open Compose.
  3. Select your desired Instagram profile from the Profile Picker.
  4. Enter your desired message text. Attach your preferred video.
  5. [OPTIONAL} Specify First Comment text.
  6. Within the video section, use the arrows underneath the video frame to find your preferred thumbnail image.
  7. Choose your preferred delivery method (Send Now, Schedule, Queue, Save as Draft or Submit for Approval).

Note: Due to API limitations, you can only choose from the frames of the uploaded video. Uploading a custom thumbnail is not allowed.