Connect Your Profile with Sprout’s Updated Profile Connection Interface

Sprout’s profile connection modal has been updated to a new user interface. Use the new profile connection workflow to connect one or more social profiles.

Connect a Profile UI

Tag Sent Messages from List view of the Calendar

You can now tag sent messages from the List view of the Calendar to more easily categorize and organize your published content.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From the Calendar, select the List view.
  3. Select the Tag icon on your desired sent message.
  4. Search for your preferred tag or select Manage Tags to enter Tag Management.

Shorten Link URLs in Messages during Bulk Imports

You can now shorten link URLs included in messages for bulk imports to utilize URL tracking and more characters for message crafting.

  1. HOW-TO
  2. From the Import screen on the Calendar View, check the box to shorten URL links using

Publish Directly to Instagram for Bulk-Imported Messages

The ability to schedule and publish bulk-imported messages directly to Instagram is now available for designated profiles that have a business add-on and an image included in the .CSV.

Utilize Google Drive and Dropbox Public URLs for Bulk-Imported Images

You can now use Dropbox or Google Drive to generate public URLs for images in a Bulk-Import.

Include Smart Quotes in Bulk-Imported Messages

Sprout users can now use Smart Quotes in their imported messages for citations or emphasis.