Create Inbox Rules Based on Twitter Verified Status and Follow Count

You can now set up inbox rules to tag, complete, or get alerted for messages coming from Twitter users with a specific follower count and/or verified status. Actions on these messages can also be used in combination with other rule criteria for Twitter profiles.


  1. HOW-TO:
  2. Go to your Smart Inbox and click the Settings icon on the right bar menu. Select Rule Settings.
  3. Select Create new rule.
  4. Enter a rule title and description.
  5. For verified profiles, select is from a Twitter verified profile.
  6. For specific follow count, select is from Twitter @username with a follower count. Choose greater than, less than or between. Type in your desired parameter.
  7. Choose which action(s) you’d like to take.
  8. Select Save. You’ll now see a preview of your rule. Choose Got It to complete the setup.
Automated Rules - Verified Status