Sprout Social Holiday Tips

The holiday season is in full swing! You’ve hopefully made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday unscathed but, as a community manager, how do you keep your wits about you amidst the rest of the holiday festivities?

Given social obligations, time constraints and seasonal business deadlines, it can be a challenge to stay on task and too easy to mentally check out. From our community to yours, we offer a few friendly reminders to get you into 2014 with ease.

  • Respect an array of beliefs: Spread the spirit of the season, but it’s best to stick to secular posts and inclusive content that welcomes your entire audience.

  • Be mindful of audience locations: Despite the fact that it’s December, people may be in sun, surf or snow so tailor seasonal messages accordingly.

  • Going on holiday? Schedule posts accordingly but get someone qualified to cover social channels and engagement tasks in your absence.

  • It’s better to give than receive: Get your audience into the holiday spirit by thanking your community with unexpected social rewards and timely offers.

  • Working remotely? Make a list (and check it twice) of necessary equipment needed to stay online, connected and active throughout the day.

  • Going offline? If your company closes for extended days or your brand goes offline periodically, let your audience know in advance to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

  • Auld lang, sigh. By January, people are in full holiday fatigue so start the New Year with fresh, energizing and forward-looking content.

Above all, after a busy year you have to breathe and reboot. Schedule some time to close your laptop, put the phone down and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. Keep these tips in mind to avoid turning the holidays into a major holidaze!

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