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A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits

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With limited budgets and small teams, nonprofit organizations already fight an uphill battle to raise awareness, engage with their supporters and generate donations. And when you consider the changing algorithms and oversaturation of social platforms, those goals can seem even further out of reach.

The good news is, with the right strategy and tools, nonprofits can overcome those challenges and use social to create the kind of meaningful connections that drive people to donate.

In fact, 55% of people who engage with causes via social media are inspired to take further action (Source: Georgetown CSIC).

We interviewed five nonprofit social experts to help you create a nonprofit social media strategy that will bring you closer to your supporters and help you reach your goals.

This guide details actionable tips to create a successful social media plan for nonprofits, like how to:

  • Set social media goals that support your organization’s objectives
  • Identify your core audience and develop personas to help you better connect
  • Determine which social platforms to focus on
  • Create a content strategy
  • Track, measure and share your results
  • And more!

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