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The Agency Pricing and Packaging Report

Download Data Report

In the past few years, agencies have fully embraced the rising popularity of social media. As shops expand their social media capabilities and client adoption of social media service offerings increases, the question agencies face these days is how to most effectively price and package their services. 

Factor in the events of 2020, with agencies pivoting their business goals, adjusting to remote work and shifting target client demographics, the challenges accompanying pricing and packaging social services are now even more apparent.

To better understand how agencies are thinking about social, we surveyed 440 agencies about their service offerings, client packages and contract and quoting processes. We also dug into how agencies are responding to this year’s challenges and why, in spite of all the unexpected disruptions, they’re still optimistic about the outlook of 2021.  

What you’ll find in this report:

  • The most common agency pain points
  • Services included in agency social media packages
  • Agencies’ approach to pitching and packing services
  • Key takeaways for taking action on the data

Download this report to learn how to effectively price and package your agency service offering.