Wahl—a leading manufacturer of grooming products—refined its Instagram strategy to bring in more user-generated content, increasing engagement by 4,307%.

On Instagram, Wahl tells a community-driven story depicting barbershop culture. Fans regularly share their own content that the marketing team identifies through Sprout Social’s Brand Keywords. The team tracks its success with Sprout’s Instagram Report.

Between June 2015 and March 2016, for example, Wahl observed the following across its main Instagram profile:

• 4,307% increase in engagement
• 84,788 new followers
• 1,399 sent comments

The power behind these numbers? Sprout’s Smart Inbox.

“With 10 people in the platform all around the globe, Sprout’s unified inbox and smart comment management system helps our team efficiently address each comment and assess whether a reply is necessary,” says Lance Wahl, Global VP of Professional Products.

Update: Instagram made changes to their Graph API in 2018, which may affect functionality mentioned above. Read here for more information

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