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Retail Fireside with Bombas: Unpacking Uncertainty [Webinar]

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Leading When You Don’t Know What Tomorrow Looks Like

Tune in to a digital fireside with Lauren DiGregoria, Director of Acquisition Marketing at Bombas, and our very own Andrew Caravella, VP of Global Partnerships. This event focuses on how social marketing leaders in retail are redefining their approach to strategy, customer engagement and team leadership during this time of constant change.

In this session, Bombas will explore how their strong values and culture of giving back to the world has shaped the way they’ve managed their team during this time. They’ll discuss planning through uncertainty, managing burnout among your team and collaborating in a remote work environment.

You’ll walk away with actionable ideas of how to support your social team while meeting business goals.

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Andrew Caravella

Andrew Caravella

Sprout Social

Andrew Caravella is Vice President of Strategy and Brand Engagement at Sprout Social. He likes being on airplanes, spinning to the beat at SoulCycle and Roger Federer. Find him on Twitter: @andrewcaravella

Lauren DiGregoria

Lauren DiGregoria


Lauren DiGregoria is Director of Acquisition Marketing at Bombas. @bombas

Retail Fireside with Bombas: Unpacking Uncertainty