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Grow & Protect Your Brand With This Corporate Communication Plan Template

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The world of corporate communications is changing faster than ever. The pandemic, the rise of stakeholder activism, social justice issues and geopolitical conflicts are just a few catalysts reshaping the communications landscape. The current climate has increased the need for communications professionals to grow and protect their brand’s reputation. 

This new environment requires expertise in multiple areas, from social media and risk management to employer branding. Being proactive is not only key to maintaining a positive public image and building trust—it’s an essential part of business success. 

A corporate communications plan is the backbone of how you create and share key information with employees, partners, investors and more. As a guiding light for the best methods to communicate, the plan can also help professionals navigate any situation, from a public relations crisis to product launches and social campaigns.

We’ve crafted a customizable corporate communications plan template to help you build an effective strategy for your team, including:

  • Goals/objectives for your company
  • Key performance indicators
  • Key stakeholders and target audiences
  • A distribution strategy 
  • A calendar roadmap with quarterly initiatives

Our corporate communication plan template is an excellent starting point for creating a stellar strategy that identifies challenges and provides a set path of action. Download today so your team can deliver communications with intention and ease. 

Download the template