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The 2024 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report

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Influencer marketing is an essential part of many brands’ strategy. Yet, almost half struggle to measure the effectiveness of their influencer campaigns. Which makes it hard to secure future buy-in or make the case for continuing current influencer marketing efforts.

By rooting your strategy in industry-specific data, you will understand which benchmarks you should be hitting and how to contextualize your KPIs. The insights in this report will empower you to measure your campaigns against other industry players, set meaningful ROI expectations and craft influencer content audiences want.

You’ll access:

  • Influencer marketing publishing and engagement benchmarks across 10 industries—including beauty, fashion, and food and drink.
  • Insight into the most mentioned brands in every category, and what makes them stand out on social.
  • Consumers’ influencer marketing content preferences broken down by demographic.

Are your influencer marketing investments paying off? Download this report to get a sense of what’s possible in your industry, and develop a data-driven content strategy that gets leadership on board with your plans.

View Data Report