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Q3 Agency Mastermind

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Sprout Agency Mastermind | September 22, 2022 @ 10am CT

If you’ve ever wondered: “How are other agencies handling this?”, then the Agency Mastermind is for you!

Through the Agency Partner Program, we’re excited to connect you with like-minded agency experts and leaders to network and have open conversations about your agency’s most pressing topics and common interests on a quarterly basis. While the Sprout team will be facilitating the group, this space is meant for you!

Q3’s topic of discussion: Leading your agency during economic uncertainties. Discussing agencies and the changing market.

It’s no secret that economic concerns are weighing on companies’ minds these days. And that may be causing clients or companies to be battening down the hatches and identifying the essentials. How can your agency be approaching clients and prospects in this environment and what are the key items you should be focusing on as an agency leader? 

Join us on September 22nd for the Q3 Agency Partner Mastermind session over a quick fireside chat between two agency experts before joining a small group of fellow leaders to discuss strategies and tactics on how to best set up your agency for success.

Partner Plus members, register today!

How it works:

  • Agency professionals that sign up will join the conversation hosted in a brief webinar format. 
  • Hear from a fellow agency partner and their experience before joining a breakout room to engage directly with other agency leaders.
  • Think of the Mastermind program as an open space for you to lead the conversation and learn from others! 

This session is an exclusive event for Partner Plus members only. 

The Agency Mastermind Session will not be recorded due to the format of the event. 

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