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Session time: 45 minutes

As an agency, it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends, news and audience sentiment. To do that, you have to be where that conversation is happening: on Twitter. Whether or not your clients are active on the platform, the data, insights and trends gleaned from Twitter are a critical tool for shaping digital strategies.

Join our Agency Partner Plus exclusive programming to hear from Customer Success Managers at Twitter, Erica Carswell and Brittany Watlington, as they lay out how agencies can capitalize on the power of Twitter to create successful digital strategies.

During our chat, we’ll touch on:

  • How to leverage Twitter insights for client deliverables (even if they’re not on Twitter)
  • Creating Twitter advertising strategies that pack a punch
  • Emerging Twitter trends to spark inspiration for upcoming campaigns
  • And more!

Bring your questions, we’ll get to as many as we can live.


Brittany Watlington

Brittany Watlington

Client Success Specialist Twitter

Brittany Watlington has spent that past 2 years serving on Twitter SMB team. She loves content creation and live tweeting to The Real Housewives.

Erica Carswell

Erica Carswell

Customer Success Specialist Twitter

Erica Carswell is an SMB Customer Success Specialist and has been with Twitter since January 2021. In her spare time she enjoys socially dining at new restaurants and traveling to new places!

Juliann Kelley

Juliann Kelley

Manager, Customer Success, Agency Sprout Social

Juliann Kelley leads one of our Agency Customer Success teams at Sprout. She thrives on being a strategic partner not only to our agency customers but also to her team in order to solve the hard problems facing agencies in the ever evolving landscape of social.