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Agency Partner Program | Social Listening Workshop

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Session time: 45 minutes

Social listening. By now, agencies know that it’s a powerful tool they should be using to uncover industry trends, identify competitive intelligence, understand audience sentiment and so much more.

But when it comes down to it, even agency pros struggle with the mechanics of how to correctly set up and extract insights from a social listening tool. Enter: the agency-exclusive social listening workshop.

Tune in to our first product workshop to hear from Sprout experts, Juliann Kelley and Liz Dotson, and CEO & Founder of Albaloo, Pardees Safizadeh, as they lead us through examples of how to prep for, create and analyze social listening topics to maximize your insights.

Join our workshop to learn:

  • How to approach listening topic creation
  • How to refine your listening topics
  • How to extract actionable insights
  • And so much more!

We’ll be taking questions live, so make sure to bring your top questions to have our panel weigh in.


Juliann Kelley

Juliann Kelley

Sprout Social

Juliann Kelley leads one of our Agency Customer Success teams at Sprout. She thrives on being a strategic partner not only to our agency customers but also to her team in order to solve the hard problems facing agencies in the ever evolving landscape of social.

Liz Dotson

Liz Dotson

Sprout Social

Liz Dotson is a Customer Success Manager at Sprout Social working exclusively with our Agency Partners. She started her Sprout journey as a customer and eventually made her way to the other end of the phone. She loves helping her customers learn the best way to use Sprout to streamline their workflows and make a huge impact on their day-to-day!

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